Jull Kuehler

"We are a working farm, and we have almost 8,000 kids who visit every year for field trips and summer camps.  There aren’t too many folks who would want to clean up after all those muddy boots!  But Pristine Greening certainly didn’t shy away.  The farmhouse looks like new every Monday morning, ready for the next bus load of 60 kiddos.  Matt and his team have been incredible to work with.  Thanks Pristine Greening!"


Mike Crane

"What a difference!  We are so pleased.  The cob webs are gone, the ceiling fans are clean, and all the details that we ask for just get done!  The place smells great and our cat, Sneakers, doesn't spend the whole day under the bed anymore. Great workers, Great Company!  We particularly enjoy being able ask that odd jobs get done and Matt is always willing to negotiate.  It sure makes a difference on our peace of mind."


Joseph D.L. Rademacher

"Matt first came and talked to me and showed me all of the green products he uses.  He even sprayed them into his mouth to show me how safe they were.  I talked to him about concerns I had with the previous cleaners.  He took care of all of the issues and did a fantastic job.  I would highly recommend him to any of my friends and family.   Especially if you have pets or kids in the house.  The cleaning products are all safe for them."


NW Portland

"Matt and his crew more than met my expectations!  They arrived on time, were completely professional, and worked very diligently until the job was done.  Our home has a lot of personal items that make it difficult to clean.  Matt and his crew took the time and attention to detail to make everything spic and span.  Matt also asked me questions regarding how I wanted some items cleaned.  We will hire Pristine Greening again."