Every Breath You Take


Did you know that the air inside your home is often far worse for your health than the air outside? In fact, pollution levels inside the home can be much higher than those outside. Homes are so well insulated and sealed these days that we’ve lost the natural ventilation of those old drafty windows and doors. So it’s up to us to make changes inside that can clean up the air and reduce our risk of getting sick with ailments such as asthma. As we are heading into spring and opening up our doors and windows – let’s look at five ways you can improve your indoor air quality:

Ditch toxic products. When you do clean at home go for non-toxic products such as white vinegar and water and pure natural essential oils rather than products with toxin ingredients such as chlorine bleach. Send us an email if you’d like more tips on green cleaning products.


Take off your shoes when you come inside. We track in many toxins, including heavy metals and automotive pollution, when we fail to remove our shoes at the door.  Kids and pets are often crawling around on those same floors increasing their exposure to toxins.

Get rid of air fresheners. These are toxic and should not be used. They simply add more chemicals to your indoor air, and they don’t get rid of the source of odors like a good old fashioned cleaning does. So clean away those odors – don’t mask them with fake scents.

Invest in a better vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter. A good vacuum cleaner, especially one with a built-in HEPA that filters out dust, dirt and other particulates, can go a long way toward cleaning up your indoor air. We use the Pro Team system, which is endorsed by the American Lung Association.

Hire a green cleaning crew like Pristine Greening. Of course this is our favorite idea! Using a reputable company with a proven track record of being “green” means that the company (like us) uses non-toxic cleaning products that won’t foul up your indoor air quality. The deep cleaning we do also removes the toxins, mold and dirt that cause poor indoor air quality. Pristine Greening is one of Portland's premier green cleaning companies. We use 100 percent petrochemical-free products to get your home squeaky clean, and we do it at reasonable prices.