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Carpets get inundated with creepy crawly, bad smelling microbes all the time. Our goal is to help you to keep your carpets as fresh as possible and remove as much bio hazard as we can. We have both steam cleaning and low moisture methods to use, depending on your circumstances.

Tile flooring has wonderful grout lines. However, without the proper scrubbing, the grout becomes discolored, filled with mildew and loaded with smells. Let us help you clean that up with our dual brush floor machine. Your residents and family will notice the difference.

Some Folks May Find the Following Information Disconcerting.
There is an Invasive World Living In Your Carpet!



Your carpet may look clean and spot free to but under a microscope it's a whole different story. There are dust mites everywhere. These little guys don't just eat dust. They eat the dead skin that is constantly falling off of you and your pets. A lot of the dust that you see in your home is dead skin - not dirt from outside. This dead skin and the dust mites combine to create unhealthy problems. Many folks are allergic to the mites. There are other things living in all that dead skin too! We wash our bedding regularly - but wash your carpets and rugs? Pristine Greening can! Over 40-million homes are infested with dust mites. We mean infested - not just a few living in the corners. Is your house on this list?



Do you remember that coffee with cream and sugar that was spilled last fall? Now it's giving the bacteria all the sugar-food they need to gain a foothold in your carpet. What kind of bacteria? They range from benign to infectious. Spills, dropped food, bits of corn and potato chips all provide a living environment for bacteria. It's not uncommon to find bits of food between the cushions of your sofa, under your favorite chair, and in the nooks and crannies along baseboards and in corners. These areas need to get cleaned regularly bacteria will spread - to your clothes, your hands, and then your food!



About a year ago, spring brought pollen so thick that you could see the yellow dust blowing around in the street. Well, all that pollen that was tracked into your home is still there. Spores may or may not be decomposed, but Dust Mites, Fleas and Bacteria love that stuff just the same.



Think about it - fleas and larvae are living dormant in your carpet right now, - nestled in amongst their own feces. Once spring comes, they'll hatch and try to find the nearest source of warmth. They may jump to your pets - or if they're really hungry, they'll go after you. If you have a flea problem that keeps coming back, get your carpets cleaned! Don't wait until allergies or illness drive you to the doctor. Get your carpets Pristine Green cleaned!